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IMD Message


GovTech is the premier conference for government and Industry leaders to discuss the latest developments in the world of Information Technology and governments’ efforts to use technology in order to enhance the delivery of services.


This year’s conference will take place from the 13th to 15th of September and is hosted under the theme “Digitisation and Digitalisation Evolving Government Services”. This year’s event takes place after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the conference several times. Despite missing out on this great opportunity to engage, the silver lining out of the COVID-19 pandemic was the acceleration of the use of technology in the public service. One such general example is the effective use of online meeting platforms and the hybrid facilitation of important engagements such as our Parliamentary sittings and many more.


GovTech offers an opportunity for open engagements to find innovative solutions, something that is in line with SITA’s operational values of Customer-Centricity, Innovation and Collaboration. It is also consistent with our government’s overarching principle of Openness and Transparency, and is even more apt for SITA as an institution that is going through a process of repurposing so that it can be in a better position to drive digitalisation, innovation, localisation and provide support to a capable state.


I, therefore, would like to invite all our partners to sponsor and participate yet again as it is through collaborative partnerships that we can be able to achieve more. I would also like to thank the South African government for their support and immense contribution which will make this year’s conference meaningful and enriching.

SITA welcomes input from all stakeholders and looks forward to strengthening relations and explore different initiatives we can collectively undertake to improve service delivery.


We endeavour to use this conference as an opportunity for engagement and reflection and look forward to hosting you, to share your insights with us as our invaluable stakeholders.


Thank you