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SITA: Managing Director Welcome Message

Welcome to GovTech 2023


Welcome to GovTech 2023, the premier ICT conference on the continent.


To lead and be a part this year's GovTech, is truly inspiring. We will engage, network, debate, exchange ideas and share some fun and memorable moments, as we are participants of this year’s GovTech 2023, build our relationships and cement our collaboration for the future.


GovTech 2023, will be dissecting what possibilities a platform economy holds for the public sector. Our conversations, driven by the theme: "Platform Economy for Digital Transformation and Inclusive Growth," will be interesting… It will push necessary boundaries and provide new frameworks, from which we can begin to imagine the possible – for government, citizens and the nation.


SITA is looking to attract and engage with the best ICT minds, strategists, influencers, idea generators, solution finders, pioneers and pathway finders for GovTech 2023.


GovTech is an iconic conference within the public and private sectors - and like so many events and conferences - Covid-19 impacted and ushered in dynamic ICT changes, whilst also stimulating new possibilities within government’s service delivery framework.

This year we want to look at ICT transformation from various angles. This includes engaging on what it would mean within the public sector environment - to move to a platform business model - to ensure more efficiency, in the way we transact and create business solutions and products.


GovTech generates a creative space to drive sectoral transformation. It paves the way for the adoption of technologies that can both - shape our digital future - and drive a new way of work and service delivery improvement.

Engaging on in these conversations - will encourage and stretch all participants to think within the framework of what can be done, within the parameters of government legislation and government policies - to ensure that we still remain fair and competitive, whilst our client gets the best possible service, and our citizens experience improved delivery of service.


Given the pervasive corruption plaguing our public and private sector institutions, an interesting area of debate will be, whether a platform business, can support a more ethical way of doing business. Critically it will question whether our drive in government is to work more ethically… and whether we realistically and honestly - are ready to make this strategic shift - and break the cycle of the poverty mentality that fuels corruption.


There are these hard corporate, moral and ethical questions that will be debated… At the same time, we will also have to answer questions on how to drive a 4IR agenda within a broader framework of digital transformation,without basic 2IR tools, like consistent electricity to power our economy and national stability.


It is a conference that will be dynamic and it will stretch our thinking and approach to ICT driven service delivery . But it will also be exciting, as we have the time, opportunity and space – through different events and sessions. Our engagements will be enriched  – as we network, socialize, get to understand our partners within the public and private sector better.


Being a part of GovTech 2023, will be a whole new experience. It is a meeting of minds that will allow us to move together – to support the evolution and transformation of public ICT.


The idea for a platform business within the public sector is definitely a new one. It needs debate, engagement, mainstreaming and socialising to usher in a new and revolutionary way – government service delivery with speed, impact and convenience.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Kind regards


Dr Bongani Mabaso

SITA: Managing Director